I just started tinkering with Blender (specifically 2.8) for the first time ever, and I've been looking up old tutorials on particles and how to change their colors over time, but I'm stuck on the colurs in the ColorRamp just sticking to one. I've been using Eevee to render.

particles and material nodes in blender

And here is the effect I'd like to make, except the blue particles turn to another color: https://gyazo.com/868e518fb69b1910f22e282557ecea6f


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I know of two ways of doing it. A: Add a "time node" using animation nodes, and point in "frame" to some math node then to "color"

B: Use Key Frames on the Color ramp. Click on the first color, set to the frame you want that color to be, in the shader, mouse over the color bar, press I. Change frame, change color ramp color, mouse over color bar, press I.

NOTE: This changes all the particles color at once.
Note 2: The color ramp, as you have it, won't show up in Eevee, but will in Cycles.

This is similar to: How do I get particles to change color over time?


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