In blender you can keyframe a parameter's value, but is possible to keyframe rate of change in that value (the speed). For example, animating a rotating wheel smoothly speeding up, staying at a constant speed, and then smoothly slowing down by keyframing 0 rpm then keyframing let's say 150 rpm, etc.

Seems like a basic thing. Can blender do this or are there any add-ons that do this?


(I changed the question above to clarify)

I know how to do animations and change how it transition between keyframes. My question is about changing not the value itself, but the rate of change of that value. You could obviously do the example above by hand, but it would be a tedious and if you wanted to extend the time the wheel rotated for during the constant speed portion you would also need to change all the values after that. Additional note, I know there some add-ons to simplify animating a car, but I just need something just for rate of change.


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You can also quickly access presets for the graph editor by pressing T on the keyboard. This will give you option like bounce, smooth slowing, and more!


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