I have a project in which I want to combine three layers. In every layer I have a particle system with a force field, this is why I can't put them in one layer together. I have three layers with different particle systems which I want to combine. Now I have an new problem, 1) if i look in the preview, the object seems to be on the right place. If i render the animation or a picture of it, objects (in this case the tunnels) moved in the wrong way. I made pictures of it. 2) The particle system in the rendered scene emitt particels in the worng place, where they shouldnt be. In this case in the area, wich is blue-yellow. I made an box that surrond the emitter which has physics collision. But they are still there f i render.

I hope someone can help me in this project.

Greetings Hondo in Blender preview Renderresult wrong particle


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