hello I'm trying to make a chess-like board game that is played by three players, and I'm having some trouble with the pieces and tiles I need that when I select a piece the board shows the possible moves the piece can make and move the piece, i don't manage to much python script I'm new in this page also, I found it looking for how I can make this chess-like game, I found a question similar and I use the code that was in that answer but using that code, I can select and move my pieces but when I move them they disappear, and they don't show the possible moves that the piece can make.

the code I used is in this question

How do I move game pieces around a three dimensional board in a turn based game?

I use the code trying to test if it will work for me, but for what I need the code is incomplete and gives me this issue that my pieces actually moves but they disappear can someone give me some guidance on how I can make this game work

here are some images of my game

enter image description here


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