Will there be a version of blender 2.81 for 32bit windows as there was for 2.80? In my working environment we are currently unable to upgrade PCs.

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Blender 2.80 was the last release for Windows 32-bit. This was announced on the bf-committers mailing list.

Hi all,

Blender 2.80 was the last release where we officially support 32 bit Windows and Linux builds. For Blender 2.81 there will be only 64 bit builds.

We will continue to support it to the level that we do for example ARM. That is we keep the Blender code working independent of the processor architecture, particularly for Linux packages. But we don't actively test them or release our own builds.

Computers that meet the minimum graphics card requirements for 2.80 practically always have a CPU with 64 bit support as well. That means the effective number of 32 bit users is very small by now.

The associated task on developer.blender.org is here: https://developer.blender.org/T67184

Thanks, Brecht.


It's not in the blender release archive so you would need to build it yourself, can't even find it on https://graphicall.org which would suggest that it's not a common thing to look for.

You'd probably find that it's only the Windows part that is 32-bit unless you are running some seriously old hardware ( more than 10 years old ), if that is the case then you're likely to have graphics card issues. If it's a licensing issue, have you considered installing a 64-bit Linux instead, perhaps on a second disk?


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