I can't seem to select a clip in the sequencer. When I try, all it does is move the scrub point. I don't want to move the scrub point, I want to select the clip. I want to move the clip around. I want to delete the clip. But I can't select the clip!

I have tried ⇧ Shift clicking, ⎈ Ctrl clicking, ⌘ Cmd clicking, ⌥ Opt clicking, and every combination I could think of...


Selecting is done with RMB RMB. Also make sure you click more in the middle of the strip, as the ends of a strip can be selected separately.

enter image description here


Click in the middle of the strip, not the ends with the arrows.

  • A selects/deselects all.
  • B starts Box Select.
  • Nonkeypad Home centers the selected strip.
  • Ctrl +MMB zooms.

It may be easier if the clip is of a manageable size.


Ok, I figured it out. The other answers seemed to assume you were not on a Mac or that you were using a physical mouse. If you have a physical mouse (with more than one button) attached, your RMB RMB should work to select. If not, try checking your mouse settings to make sure a right click is really a right click.

If you are using a multi-touch track pad a two finger click might work. If not go into your trackpad settings to see what combination of presses equals a right mouse button click.

I felt really dumb after figuring this out by accident. I spent a day clicking again and again grumbling against stupid Blender.


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