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Hi! I’m making a scene in which I’d like to have festoon lights, preferably based of paths so I can change the forms on them. What is the best way to make these? I’d also like the lamps to be rotated independently. So, an array modifier won’t do the job properly. And you can’t put hair/particles on a path, right?


You can put planes on a path, and have them emit the bulbs.

  • Create your wire-curve
  • Create a plane, assign it Array and Curve modifiers to duplicate it down the curve
  • Create a bulb, or Collection of bulbs.

enter image description here

Set up a particle system on the array of planes. It's easier to illustrate some example settings than to list them all:

enter image description here

The rendering here is of a Collection of bulb-objects, and 'Count' is used here to strictly alternate them (but you can select randomly, if you prefer). In the render, the emitter is hidden:

enter image description here

With this sort of result:

enter image description here

Note you can sway the bulbs by CtrlT adjusting the Tilt of the curve at various points along it, and/or you can randomize their rotation a little in the Particle system.

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