I have downloaded a 3D model of Anakin Skywalker (the GOAT) and I am having some trouble figuring out the UV mapping & texturing. In effort to learn Blender, I downloaded the file to try and reverse engineer it in a sense. The file came as a .tbscene file with an assets folder with various file types. I converted the .tbscene file to an .fbx file with marmoset toolbag. The photo below shows the files that were associated in the assets folder for the meshes, textures and materials.

Assets Folder

So, basically, I want to end up with the final result as shown in the following photo, but I do not know how to apply the colour map or materials to make the clothing, skin and hair look more realistic.

Anakin Final

I have followed many youtube tutorials regarding the basics and others on how to add a normal map, bump map etc, which I have done. I have also rigged the character for a small animation to set a pose. I have attached a photo of what my model looks like now as well as the settings.

White Ani Pose

with his plastic lookin ass


There are some minor textural details on the body, but the head looks like it's wrapped in plastic wrap and the clothes obviously have no colour. In fact, I believe the head only shows colours because I have not added a normal map or what have you, so I assume I will have to change my approach for that as well.

This is the photo I used for the normal map.

Normal Map (Saved as "Body Detail"

I would like to have both the texture and colour. I initially had just the colour (file name "Body CS" ...colour scheme?) and it looked decent, but it looked like it was all smooth black leather. This is the Body CS file, which I assume I have to incorporate for the colour scheme.

Body CS

There are some other files like this one that are a gross yellow-green colour, not sure if they are for displacement or what. They are saved as NM files which I assumed were Normal Map.


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