I am sad to say I am coming from 3Ds Max / sketchup, thus trying to understand modeling on Blender.

I am trying to extrude an Edge, to let it touch the face. Edge marked in Red: arrow identify which face i am trying to target:

how can i tell if i extruded to the face? and didn't exceed my face? Example picture I exceeded my face

Also after doing this successfully I want to cut my roof to have a connection between the end of the edge (the one i am trying to move to touch the roof) till the roof top. after touching the face I want to create vertices in order to create a straight block under my window:

My file attached here: if you want to take a look at my Geometry:

Also since I am posting here, is there any Tutorial online that actually teaches the important fundamentals of Modeling in Edit mode. Specially for those who come from another software, for example I understand what is a vertex and a face and an edge on a very deep level, I just want someone to match the tools for me from 3Ds Max, to Blender, For example If i want to create an extra edge in the middle of two edges.... if I want to slide a vertex on an edge while snapping to a reference point outside my box.

etc... such technique that i can always find in 3Ds max, but now moving to new software extremely hard to catch.


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