I'm trying to cut off an Head of a finished model to reuse it for another model. No big Deal I thought, because many Videos show how to do it. (one guy just cut some hands off and reuse it without any issues) It's for an VRchat Avatar.

For what reason ever I run into some issues with the textures or UV Map.

Well everytime when I seperate the Headmeshes cut it off and export it as "fbx" the Head turns white and loses all his textures... So I tried to put all the material manually on the Vertex groups again (without using UV Editor). It seems to work first, the Head looks normal again. But it loses all textures again after I trying to export it...

I assume that I have to use the UV Editor? Or what the problem can be? But there is an additional problem, it seems not to work, the Vertices/Wireframe on the UV Editor are off the Image even with the complete model.(but no issues so far when it is complete) It has absolutely no effect if I move the Wireframe over the Image. enter image description here enter image description here

I habe no Idea what to do, I'm not so experienced with Blender right now, so I hope someone can help me with that its really important for me :( .

Thank you so much for every little help.


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