I've been exploring Blender for the past month for a school project and my goal is to create a mesh for a low poly human head which I can transform to paper model in the end. I have been able to create the low poly version of the 3D human head model, but am currently having difficulties because when I convert the file to paper model, the numbers and shapes on the mesh keeps on overlapping each other (as shown in the image attached), so it's very hard to comprehend the file.

Does anyone happen to know how I can manipulate the mesh? I tried using the UV editing option and unwrapping the model but I don't know why it's unwrapped to a single triangle (photo also attached).

If any of you know the answer to this problem, please let me know. Thank you! Your help will be very much appreciated!

mesh shapes and numbers overlapping each other

unwrapping results in a single triangle


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