I've been trying to get a grease pencil object to 'stick' to my rigged 3D model, so I can have drawn parts on the face that move as, for example, the mouth opens.

So, for example, I'm trying to transfer this vertex data: enter image description here

To this: enter image description here

Now I understand I might be asking for something impossible. If so, my apologies!

Since both have vertex groups I thought I'd ask, because I can't seem to find a way to do it:
- I tried data transfer modifier, but that doesn't seem to work on grease pencil
- I tried relations -> transfer mesh data, but seems greyed out for grease pencil
- I tried the 'transfer weights' option in weight paint mode, but option is not available in grease pencil weight paint mode

Again, I might be asking for something impossible and I guess it would be doable to paint each by hand, but it would just take a lot of time so isn't ideal.

Any help or clarity of whether what I'm trying is possible would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Wouter

PS. I'm using december 11th 2.82 Alpha.


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