I am making a firework with a fuse to look like a S, and when i bake the flame, it is OK at first while the firework is not moving very fast, but when the firework speeds up, the flame comes out in bursts but I want it to come out continuously.

It looks fine at the beginning while not going too fast, beginning not very fast looks fine

But when it catches speed the flame comes out in bursts when it catches speed the flame comes out in bursts

My domain settings

domain settings top domain settings bottom

My emitter settings

emitter settings

Blend file- blend file for download


You need to use your flow object's sampling subframes.
Select the object, go in the physics Properties tab and change the Sampling Subframes value.
Sampling Subframes
It can be animated but you need to know this : more subframes = more processing time

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks, i re-baked it and it worked perfectly $\endgroup$ – J Block Dec 9 '19 at 9:41

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