I have a 1mm sphere and can't use zoom or scroll to navigate properly, to be clear, at first it was impossible to zoom in, then I change the view port scale to 0.001 and again to 1000, after that I was able to zoom in, but not too close of the object.

The other issue is with the scroll orbiting, when I hold shift the movement is really slow and without shift too fast, is really hard to control.

I have some objects in a normal size (about 10cm) and need to work with this two scale, when I changed the view port scale to 1mm I couldn't zoom out to use the bigger object.

I'm using Blender 2.81

  • $\begingroup$ There shouldnt be a problem. You can leave the viewport scale at is it on 1. I created 20cm object and 2mm and it is ok to navigate. Use ";" key the one above tabulator and the view menu opens, chose "3" to view selected and it will frame your selection, it will help you to see the object. $\endgroup$ – Fowl Dec 9 '19 at 8:06

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