I just get into blender modelling and have a mesh/topology question/problem which I accounter currently quite often and want to ask you how to resolve it. In the first image you see my current mesh with a subdiv: current mesh with subdiv Here without the subdiv to better reveal the mesh:

current mesh without subdiv To get a sharper edge, I usually would introduce a loop cut like shown in this image:

wanted mesh with loop cut However as by nature of the loop cut I also add more polygons/cuts in the mesh where I do not need them, or also do not want them (shown as red crosses in the image). This extra lines give me often sharp edges, where I do not want to have them. Is there a way in this situtaion to get a clean edge in my mesh, where I want to it to be (green arrow) to get a sharp edge in my model, without using creases? How can I fix this? Is there a way to avoid this situation at all?

Thanks a lot!


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