Some plane-objects are beeing displayed in the background while beeing in front. Is this a bug or am i missing somehting Eevee-specific?

enter image description here enter image description here

All the plane objects were joined while uv-projecting from top-ortho view with bounds, so they have overlapping uvs. Maby this has something to do with it, because i never had this behavior in any other case.

edit: It has something to do with all the parts having the same material. With diffrent materials the error doesnt occur, but i would prefere to not manually creaty diffrent materials for all the parts in this workflow.

edit2: I recognised that the AddOn "import image as plane" by default sets the material to "alpha blend", what was the reason for the "overlapping". (Is there a possibility to remove the overlapping while keeping alpha blend, just in case?)

Win7, Blender 2.81


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