I made 9 animations in Blender and it passed humanoid type configuration(used rigify).

All animations don't moving root bone at all(root bone position/rotation/scale is locked), however when I imported my model into Unity and play the animation, some of them are rotated at certain angle, doesn't look forward.

enter image description here

And one of my animation has really serious issue, when I play preview animation, each time animation ends it rotated permanently like clock bar ticking.

Also there are some issues that loop match of some options have red sign.

enter image description here

I read this doc: https://docs.unity3d.com/2018.3/Documentation/Manual/LoopingAnimationClips.html, so I tried to fix this manually by tweaking timeline, but change timeline were cut off my animations. How do I fix this without cutting off animation?

Used Blender 2.78b and Unity 2018.3.


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