I would like to store my whole node input driver set up of a material in a txt file and load it back any time. How can I access the driver data along with node name and input number?


Look in NodeTree.animation_data

Python console code. Loop thru materials that use nodes and have animation data, if so loop the drivers collection.

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In simple example below find the couple of simple drivers including a driver on a value node with expression "frame" (the current frame)

The drivers datapath gives the node name and the index of the socket.

>>> for m in bpy.data.materials:
...     m.name
...     if m.use_nodes and m.node_tree.animation_data:
...         for d in m.node_tree.animation_data.drivers:
...             d.data_path, d.driver.expression
('nodes["Value"].outputs[0].default_value', 'frame')
('nodes["Principled BSDF"].inputs[9].default_value', 'frame / 20')


Re socket index and name https://blender.stackexchange.com/a/160069/15543


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