I'm trying to export a car model with red metallic paint as a GLTF model. A diffused red metallic with a high gloss clear. It appears that with GLTF it's either one or the other?

I can get somewhat of a metallic paint look by sharpening up the roughness of the metallic, but then it looks more like anodized metal than car paint.

Is this a limitation of the GLTF format or does anyone know of a workaround? Thanks.


You're looking for a feature called "clear coat", which as of this writing (Dec 2019) is nearing the final stages of being added to glTF, but has not yet been finalized or ratified by the Khronos Group.

You can track its progress and see some examples in PR #1677 on the glTF repo. There are experimental implementations in ThreeJS and BabylonJS, but it's not yet added to the glTF importer/exporter for Blender. The spec needs to be finalized before it gets put in Blender.


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