I'm learning about compositing from an old pre-2.8x tutorial. The tutorial shows that an object parented to another object can be moved to a different view layer, which is then used by render layer to render only that one object.

I'm trying to recreate that situation in Blender 2.81 with collections. Let's say I have a following structure:


I want to render ChildObject on two separate render layers: a main layer that renders the whole scene, and a secondary layer, just for the ChildObject.

So far I've made a linked duplicate of the ChildObject and moved it to a new collection:


Then I disabled Collection2 in the main layer and, conversely left only Collection2 enabled in secondary layer.

This process seems cumbersome and I'm wondering what will happen if I rearrange the scene by moving ParentObject around. I will either have to move ChildObject.Copy to exactly the same location as on the main layer, or just repeat the whole process.

Is there a better way to do this?



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