maybe I lack some google skills but I can't find an answer to the simple question: how do I apply a cubemap in Blender? Say, I have a ready .dds or .tga (not .hdr!) image file storing the cubemap. Now I want to apply it to an object in the scene so that it reflects the cubemap. I don't want it to be rendered as actual environment - just to appear in reflections of a particular object. It also has to be a simple image file - like a .dds texture with six frames that represent six sides of the cube, not an .hdr texture. I expected that there will be a node in the shader editor - I found the 'Environment texture' node but I don't know what to do with it. It it's not possible, what workaround would be possible? Let's say we have a .tga with six slices - how would you apply it in the shader editor?


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