I accidentally deleted my light. Now I can't get it back. I tried adding one of the other light options, but it doesn't seem to cast the same kind of light. I also can't seem to find one that says "Light".



The light in the default scene is a point light named "Light". It has the following properties:

  • Location: $(4.0762, 1.0055, 5.9039)$
  • Power: $1000\ W$
  • Radius: $0.1\ m$

Default point light properties

A new point light can be added through the menus Add > Light > Point. If you set the same properties for the newly created point light it should look just like before.

Add point light

In general, if you've made a mistake you can undo changes by pressing Ctrl + Z or through Edit > Undo in Blender's header / top bar.

  • $\begingroup$ Much Thank you, my friend! $\endgroup$ – Lostlilnoob Nov 29 '19 at 23:42
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