I've got some STL models created from microCT scans that have an undesirable twist in them. I was wondering how I could use Blender to remove the twists using something like proportional editing. The STL models are very large (>150MB) and contain upwards of 6 million triangles.

I can import them into Blender but when I try proportional editing the mesh gets all distorted. Would it possible to create a mesh plane of similar x-y dimensions, sub-divide it, and somehow link it to the STL model so that the proportional changes in the mesh are reflected in the STL?

End view of twisted STL enter image description here

Closeup view of triangles enter image description here


Solved! Turns out the Simple Deform modifier works perfectly for this type of thing!

Steps for Blender 2.81:

  1. Import the STL file into Blender using File, Import, Stl
  2. If required, rotate the model so that the twist axis is aligned with the X, Y or Z axis
  3. In Object mode, select the entire STL object
  4. Go to the Modifier tab and select the Simple Deform modifier. By default the Twist operation will be selected.
  5. Select the axis along which the twist in the model is aligned.
  6. Adjust the Deform Angle until the twist is removed or at least as small as you can get it.
  7. To save the corrected STL, go to File, Export, Stl, give it a different filename and click Export STL.
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