first of all, I am a Blender beginner and very thankful for this community!

I'm using Blender 2.8 for a scientific project trying to simulate the filling of a cylinder with different particle types (based on this work Packed Bed Generation). After the simulation is done, I want to delete the cylinder for further investigation. Now here is the thing:

When I delete the cylinder object (1st object in the object tree), the next object in the object tree is suddenly located at the location of the deleted cylinder (in this case [0,0,0]). This is true for any object in the scene, e.g. when I delete sphere.020 then sphere.021 will be relocated the the position of sphere.020. Here is a simple .blend file, so you can (hopefully) reproduce the effect Blender File - WeTransfer. Run the animation for a few frames and then delete the cylinder. Is it a bug? Do I overlook something? It all worked well in 2.79.

Thanks a lot, cheers, Leo


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