I'm new to scripting in blender and am trying to select a bone by name using python. Eventually I would like to loop through all the bones of an armature and translate them to a new location in edit mode but for now I am literally just trying to select a bone by name. I have been looking through SE as well as the blender docs but I cannot seem to wrap my head around this. I have found some older answers from 2.7x but these do not seem to work in 2.8. I have also found plenty of answers on how to select objects by name..but not bones and my brain is unable to extrapolate.

Lets say I have an armature with one bone in it: "jBone"...how do I select this and make it active using python in blender 2.8?

----here is some of what I've tried, none of it works:

misc attempt 1:


misc attempt 2:

ob = bpy.data.objects["jBone"]      
bpy.context.view_layer.objects.active = ob
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Find the object first (by name if you wish), then access the armature. The armature is the data of the object. It has an edit_bones property, but this property is only available in edit mode. This means we have to switch to edit mode first.

import bpy

ob = bpy.data.objects['Armature']
armature = ob.data


# get specific bone name 'Bone'
myBone = armature.edit_bones['Bone']
#print the position of its head

# loop through all bones
for bone in armature.edit_bones:
    # move its head and tail
    bone.head.x += 1.5
    bone.tail.x += 1.5

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