I am making a maze game using unity, and I have created a full maze model from blender and exported it as an fbx file. I then import the asset in unity and add a rigidbody component so that it stays at one place and not move. The player keeps going through the walls so then I added a box collider, but since the maze was fully generated(I got it from maze generator) the box collider didnt envelope a single wall but the entire maze.enter image description here (The green Highlight is the Box Collider)So then I added a mesh collider. The problem is when I add the mesh collider on it, the entire unity freezes, and when it works and I click play, I cannot move my player at all. I think the reason is because I have to many subdivisions on my model(6790629 verts and 5733024 tris),and I added a subdivide modifier with a viewport of 1(making it viewport 3 freezes my blender as well), and that causes the mesh collider to freeze unity cause its too complicated. But I cannot reduce the subdivisions any further, I am making a brick maze, and I want it to look somewhat realistic. enter image description hereenter image description hereThis is when viewport is 1enter image description here This is when viewport is 3. Is there a solution for this or is there a better way to do this? Your cooperation is greatly appreciated


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