I have some problems with the mirror modifier. I think it doesn't mirror in the right way.

enter image description here as you can see the two outlined objects face in the same direction. I want they face each others. Is that possible? Also when i move one outwards they moves in the same direction, instead i want they get far away. Thanks.


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It is indeed possible :).

1) Choose the right axis
There are three axis to mirror around.
Trial and error will get you there fast enough :).
enter image description here

2) Don't move the object, move the mesh.
The mirroring center is your object's origin point.
So instead of moving your object, switch to Edit Mode and move your mesh farther from the origin point.

enter image description here

3) Apply rotation
Object's local rotation can mess with modifiers.
Go to Object->Apply->Rotation.
enter image description here

Further Reading:
Mirror Modifier page in Blender Manual


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