I'm trying to slice terrain cross sections from a mesh to export in a side by side layout as a .svg-file using laser slicer (http://blendscript.blogspot.com/2019/01/blender-28-laser-slicer.html).

I have to be precise with the position of the slices and here's the problem: As you can see in the screenshot laser slicer distributes the slices in a way that the first and last slices don't match with the top and bottom faces of the mesh, even though they should (mesh is .75 m on z-axis and slice thickness is 50 mm). I suspected it was constant offsetting from the center position of the object, so I halfed the "material thickness" / doubled the count of slices but they still didn't match.

Any idea what's causing this? Or is there a different (but still efficient) method? I got 25 slices in total and would like to avoid layouting/exporting them one by one.

laser slicer

So I also tried without the add-on and added an array modifier (with constant offset) to a plane at one side of the mesh. The positioning worked out fine. But when I added a boolean modifier to make it intersect with the mesh it just does weird things, see below.

Maybe something isn't right with my mesh?



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