I'm working on an animated scene in Cycles in which all objects are static except for a moving camera and an object (the satellite thing in the scene below) that rotates in front of it. (I'm quite new to Blender, apologies for the noobishness). Still image from animation

I'd like to do a combined bake of most of the 'floor' in the scene - the sandy terrain - except for a patch directly beneath the satellite, which will have the shadow of the satellite moving on it as the satellite rotates.

This is what I've tried to do:

Divide the floor into two objects (a patch below the satellite, and the 'background'), both assigned the same material; then bake the background; make a new material for the background, with the baked image going into an emission shader; keep the patch below the satellite unbaked, with the original material

The problem is, the whole floor has one material on it at the moment, which includes a 'noise' texture that generates the darker patches on it (see node setup below). If I divide the floor into two objects, then there's a really obvious seam between them - the noise texture (and other image textures in the material) doesn't continue across the boundary between the two objects, but "starts again" on the smaller patch (and on a smaller scale).

What should my workflow be so that I can bake most of the floor (the part in the distance) as it is, whilst leaving a small unbaked part below the satellite, which joins seamlessly to the the baked part?

Here's the node setup for the terrain, in case that's helpful:

enter image description here


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