I've been looking for some addon or something to render only the marked frames on timeline, i found this answer here on the stackexchange Render Videos From Marker Ranges?

The thing is this script only works with multiple cameras, i have only one camera that goes all aorund the scene but i only want to render the frames that i've marked on timeline.

Is there someone who can help me modify this script? Or find a better solution?


Sort of compilation from various answers (only tested in 2.79):

import bpy

scene = bpy.context.scene

# get existing output path
fp = scene.render.filepath

# set output format to .png
scene.render.image_settings.file_format = 'PNG'

marker_frames = [m.frame for m in scene.timeline_markers]

for m_f in marker_frames:

    # set marker as current frame

    # set output path so render won't get overwritten
    scene.render.filepath = fp + str(m_f)
    bpy.ops.render.render(write_still=True) # render still

# restore the filepath
scene.render.filepath = fp
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  • $\begingroup$ Amazing, it works perfectly on 2.81, also i used freesyle to render and it worked too! Thanks! $\endgroup$ – Alejandro Nevárez Lucio Nov 18 '19 at 19:31

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