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I am currently trying to recreate the minecraft assets in blender, but I am encountering a problem as some of the textures files come as grayscale and have a colormap with the color data. Since I don't know how to setup the nodes, I am hoping someone could help me figure it out.

I have included the two png images in this post. Since the first one is 16x16, the interpolation has to be set to closest.

(sry for the terrible image formating)

enter image description hereenter image description here


to add the color to you texture, you need to combine the saturation and hue of the color texture, with the value of the grayscale. To do that you need a separate HSV and a combine HSV node as below.

Simple node setup

For the color the simpler is to just take one color from the texture with the color picker. However if you need the color variation, you can use a mapping node with a small scale factor and change the x and y position. Technically the result will not be perfect tho.

enter image description here

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