I imported a mesh from Maya into blender.

After doing the following:

  • Removing all parent relations from the mesh
  • Setting the mesh's origin to geometry
  • Resetting all transformation data to deltas

When I try and parent the mesh to anything using the standard "Relations" tab OR the "child of" modifier, the mesh changes location drastically, and seemingly randomly and needs to be re positioned back to its original location. The parenting works fine after this, its just that the mesh is already positioned and needs to be re positioned after the parenting operation.

Is there some way to maintain the current position of a mesh when parenting? Or is there another step I need to reset my mesh's transformation data before parenting?

It should be noted, that when using the "CTRL + P → Object" method of parenting, it seems to work as expected with the location of the child mesh staying in position. However, if I then change this parenting in anyway in the "Relations" section the random offsetting of the mesh happens again.

This is also an issue because I don't think you can easily use the hotkey parenting method easily with bone parenting from rigs (which is what I actually want to do).


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