So I'm trying to use this icoshpere to trace a weight paint path down this rock. I want to create an animation where grass is spontaneously from the top of the rock to the bottom. Unfortunately, after I animated the sphere down the z-axis, it doesn't change the weight paint color on the rock. I can't get the dynamic paint modifier to work.

I added a dynamic pain modifier, set the rock as the canvas and the icosphere as the brush. For the brush, I have the absolute alpha checked, paint set to mesh volume+proximity, and falloff to smooth. For the canvas, I have the format set to vertex, anti-aliasing checked, and the surface type set to weight.

I applied a subdivision surface modifier, so there should be plenty of vertices for the brush to work.

Does anyone know how to get the dynamic paint modifier to work with weight paint???

Here is a link to the file and down below is a screenshot.

enter image description here


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