I have made an object using 2 different mesh. On the top of the sphere, I'm getting a shape which reflects looking like some sort of sun with its rays indicated within the red ellipse.

And also I've joined the 2 mesh to make it one object, but the edges are too harsh, what's the best way to make it blend in smoother?

Thank you.

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Hello sir. It seems like a simple problem with mesh topology. Consider uploading your file here blend-exchange.giantcowfilms.com so others can take a look :). $\endgroup$ Nov 14, 2019 at 9:48
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    $\begingroup$ <img src="https://blend-exchange.giantcowfilms.com/embedImage.png?bid=6816" /> here is the file, thanks for taking a look into it. I'd like to know what I've done incorrect, in order to understand my mistake and take better consideration regarding the mesh. Thank you. $\endgroup$
    – graphomet
    Nov 14, 2019 at 10:11
  • $\begingroup$ I checked the file and found several issues. I'll post an answer adressing all of them, including a repaired blendfile, but it will take a minute :). $\endgroup$ Nov 14, 2019 at 11:15

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let me adress the issues :).
I also attached a repaired blendfile at the end.

01) The 'sun like' pattern appears when Subdivision Modifier is applied on a triangle fan. Just play a bit with the size of the triangles, or use Face->Grid fill to fill the cap with quads.

02) The edges are harsh, because they are not connected.
You have two meshes joined into one object, but that's not enough. They're just going through each other.
You need to connect the vertices of those two meshes, so they create one continuous mesh.

Other tips for your workflow:
1) There's no need to use Edit cage option in the Subdivision modifier.
In this case it just deforms the mesh without any benefit.
You also don't need 4 levels of subdivision. 2 levels are enough.

Example of my settings
enter image description here

2) Use milimeters, and absolute grid snapping. It will make your modelling considerably easier, especially when modelling real world objects.

enter image description here enter image description here

3) When using mirror modifier, make sure your mesh is cut in half. Otherwise the mirror modifier will create double-faces which are a pain in the ass to deal with :).
Your original mesh has a few of these.

Here is your repaired Blendfile. Check the differences, and find out which way works best for you.
The meshes are not connected, you'll need to do it yourself.

If you'll need any clarification, let me know.
You're doing great, happy Blendering :).

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    $\begingroup$ Thanks so much for your information, this is extremely important indications since I am currently learning Blender. Kind regards. $\endgroup$
    – graphomet
    Nov 14, 2019 at 21:53
  • $\begingroup$ @graphomet Happy to help. Welcome aboard. $\endgroup$ Nov 14, 2019 at 22:13

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