I have a tablet/pill shape, and I want to select all the outer vertices or edges, and have them stay where they are, so that when I do a proportional edit, they remain fixed, and so the edges/vertices are stretched rather than move around.

This is the effect I am trying to get - a bulge in the dark meshed areas https://i.sstatic.net/tP7NQ.jpg

If I use proportional editing, it alters the edges also.

So is there anyway of selecting the outer vertices, make them stick?

I have tried to create a vertex group, and assign a weight but it hasnt worked yet. https://i.sstatic.net/FxFRy.jpg


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Was enlightened.

  • I select the object
  • Edit mode
  • Select the vertices that I want to stick
  • Press 'H' to hide
  • Make my adjustment
  • Those vertices that are hidden will not be affected
  • Press 'alt-H' to unhide.

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