Field equation results are best visualized in 3D. Plotting these using matplotlib is trivial, but creating an equivalent in blender seems daunting.

Is there a library/add-on or simple solution to plotting vector fields?

If not, how should I approach writing one?

Would it be possible to animate such a solution?

How can we take control of the bend/curl of the arrows as well (perhaps a Bezier curve would make sense?)

Data: It may make more sense to assume that we are given 3d matrices of X,Y,Z representing the arrow start position and then a set of X',Y',Z' matrices representing the end point of the arrow.

For reference, see the 3d Quiver Plot from the matplotlib docs: https://matplotlib.org/3.1.1/gallery/mplot3d/quiver3d.html

3d Vector Field drawn via TeX/Tikz


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