I've added my own progress bar to the Blender 2.80 status bar (the footer of Blender) with the following abstracted code:

def draw_progress_bar(self, context):
    self.layout.prop(context.scene, "my_progress", text="Simulating")


Only problem is, when I update the my_progress scene property, the progress bar in the UI doesn't update unless I move my mouse over the area. Typically, this would be solved by running the following code to redraw the area:

def tag_redraw_areas(area_types:iter=["ALL"]):
    """ run tag_redraw for given area types """
    area_types = confirm_list(area_types)
    screens = [bpy.context.screen] if bpy.context.screen else bpy.data.screens
    for screen in screens:
        for area in screen.areas:
            for area_type in area_types:
                if area_type == "ALL" or area.type == area_type:

But in this case, the Status Bar does not seem to be listed in bpy.context.screen.areas. Is there any other way to redraw the status bar in Blender 2.80?


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I've found you can cause the status bar to redraw by calling:


It will of course also remove any currently set custom status text, but unlike the non 'internal' version it does not remove appended draw functions.


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