So, I made a very complex material (in my opinion) in EEVEE, using certain nodes that only apply to EEVEE like the Shader to RGB node.

I've come across certain tutorials in which they transform materials into textures, but they're using Blender 2.79 and below.


Stack Exchange Question

Also, while trying to find some solution, i came across something they called "Principled Baker" in which I suppose it's an add-on to bake textures from the Principled Shader. The problem is, by my understanding, the Principled Baker only works with Cycles.

Principled Baker

So, I decided to ask "Is there any way to convert the material I have into textures?".

I'm not an expert on textures but I'd say it's probably albedo/base color, roughness and normal.

I'll leave my blend file of the object in question.

Blender File

Thank you for your time and hope to hear good news!


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As of July of this year, you can't bake Eevee-specific elements to textures, since Eevee itself doesn't support baking.

There's a discussion about this on the blender community page


The main takeaway from the original post there is;

"Baking isn't currently available in Eevee in any form." -jpgarsemailbox

If you have an object that uses non-Eevee-specific nodes, you could bake it in Cycles (et al) and bring it back into Eevee. You might even be able to bake everything except the Eevee-specific parts, then layer those on top after backing in another renderer.

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