i have a problem and it's about exporting "fpshands" to unity. I have made rigged fpshands and then i paste my rigged weapon to my fpshands project so i have two armatures in it. I have animated them as a one long clip which i cut in smaller clips in unity like draw/fire etc.

This process has worked in past but as i updated my blender to 2.8 from 2.79 it wont work anymore. When i used the 2.79 in unity i had three different sources of animation/keyframes for my object in unity. They were Armature(hands), G43armature(weapon) and "Default take". I used the default take because it had the animation data from both armatures, but now when using blender 2.8 there is no more the default take. So when i choose the source of animation for my model (hands armature/weapon armature) in unity it only animates the hands or the weapon.

So has anyone of you encountered this problem or does anyone know what i should do now? I have tried to join the armatures in blender but i didn't get it to work. I also thought that is there a way to export all animation as one source like the "Default take" used to do (basically it was the master source of all keyframes of objects in the project/file, kinda like the summary in dopesheet). Or can i group the armatures and the group would contain both armatures animation data etc.

Sorry for my english and thank you already for your time.

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