I am animating a logo for a local church and I am quite the perfectionist.

I need to extrude the land from Earth without a center/water/core. I have created the wire frame already thanks to various research and blender tutorials I'm picking apart from.

I am able to grab a map texture and extrude 3D via photoshop, but I'm unsure how to wrap 3D extrusions to a globe, or to displace it using Blender. I can easily just wrap the UV texture to a wireframe on Element3D in after effects, but I won't get the 3D aspects of the logo I need to reproduce as I want to deliver the best for my clients.

The biggest challenge I have is having to get the LAND be the extrusion model itself. I managed to displace it and make the land sit on top of a globe, but that's it. I found a great blender tutorial that demonstrates how to do it, but dbecause it's a dated tutorial, the functions are not the same and I am not able to re-produce the same results the instructor was demonstrating in his video.

Please help, guys. Thanks!

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ is that image what you have or what you want? $\endgroup$ – rob Oct 30 '19 at 11:08

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