I want to make a character not move with a constant velocity when a key is pressed in game engine. It is not about "easing", "path following" or "neutonian" stuff. It's about a character that kinda decelerates when a foot is on the ground, accelerate when pushing forwards and stays on a third inbetween velocity for the rest of the motion in a walk cycle

I tried creating an animation that involves varying velocities over time and thought I could use it with "action actuator" to kinda cheat and move the character around without using the motion actuator, which is either linear or constant but can't vary speeds randomly. It kinda works but the character is warped back to the starting point when the key is released and pressed again or the loop is finished, thus not really moving the character, it's more of a visual thing (predictable, as the animation is a visual change happening on local coordinates, it's not a global move). It could work if I could find a way to "warp" the character's origin to where it is supposed to be in the global space based on the animation, but not knowing how or if it's possible to control movement speed with a curve it is currently impossible (NOT use curve path as to make an object follow a path, control movement as we can control influence of drivers, with a curve in a graph)

I wanted to replicate the animation on a character's movement, but "simple", "character" and "servo" motions doesn't seem to work with curves. I researched about "non-linear", "curve" and "varying velocity" movement in blender game but the results are a bunch of "path following" and "servos" tutorials and some scripts for newtonian stuff.

Sorry in advance if I am missing something obvious or if the answer was under my nose all this time as a buttom, script or a post somewhere else in this site, but I am kinda new to game making in Blender and researching specific stuff. An answer that doesn't involve scripts would be appreciated


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