Suppose I create an blender application in blender: a default block with block parameter buttons from pressing "N" on the keyboard, as shown in Figure 1. A default block with block parameter buttons within Blender

           Figure 1

So, users can change the parameters for different block views.

How can I wrap up the application with those parameter buttons only as a package (say, exe or msi or some other file) as shown in Figure 2 A default block with block parameter buttons ONLY

           Figure 2

for end users who don't need to install Blender. The end users just simply install the application, run it and get into the customized UI (Figure 2).

I have googled the web for it but no luck. Probably I used wrong keywords for googling.

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much in advance.



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This is possible without any significant modifications.

  • Download blender (the zipfile version)
  • Add your own 2.72/config/startup.blend, userpref.blend
    (depending on your configuration these files may have to be copied out of your personal settings into a directory relative to blender.exe
    see: https://www.blender.org/manual/installing_blender/directorylayout.html)
  • modify startup.blend so the view is organized as you like (you can match the view you've created fairly easily).
  • Any other runtime customizations you can add to a Python script in a text block (enable register, so it loads on startup).

You may also want to:

  • Disable the splash screen: Preferences -> Interface -> Show Splash
  • Rename blender.exe
  • Change the icon (shouldn't be so hard with a recourse editor, you could also make a custom build).
  • $\begingroup$ Ideasman42, thanks for your help. I will try it and see what I can do. ouyang $\endgroup$
    – ozinfo
    Sep 9, 2014 at 3:15

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