I am trying to do the Blender Guru Neon tutorial, all good EXCEPT I can't figure out the glare node set up. I have mine set up just like his tutorial shows, but in mine the glare only shows as a preview in the compositing window, does not show up in final render. I have attached a picture of the compositing window view and a shot of the render (bottom).

I am a total noob - I must have something set up wrong. Anybody have any ideas?

enter image description here(Someone else asked an almost identical question to mine, but if you read it, he just says he figured it out and didn't give the solution)


You need to connect the output of the Glare node to the image input of the Composite node. Otherwise you're just viewing the result of the glare but not applying it to the compositing output.

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  • $\begingroup$ THANK YOU! And here's a tip for anyone else - the Glare is added after the entire render is done - so it renders, then the Glare pops on! You will not see the Glare until the entire render is done $\endgroup$ – JoeGideon Oct 27 '19 at 19:08

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