Although i know somebody has asked this kind of question already, he doesn't get a answer,and sorry for repost it, hoping someone could figure it out. Here's the problem.problem img So I've got a transparent object for Principled BSDF in order to make it more metal-like.In order to make it, I use a Mask texture that can only render part of mesh affcted by Principled shader, and it looks fine though.Here is my nodes and the preview of my rendernodesprincipled

I do know my node looks a real mess, and maybe there exsist some promblems i don't know, plz don't hesitate to tell me what mistakes i made.

I copied the same object of it and try to serve it as my object with Diffuse texture(two objects are the same and they are overlapping together), but once i did this, the problem came like the 1st picture shown.It seems that the transparent still visible trying to cover the opaque object behind it????Why?Does it want to make itself outstanding or something? Here is the node and my preview render photo with diffuse texturenode2diffuse Okey,maybe my words seem kind of drama, but it does stuck me for quite a long time. Glad to receive u guys' replys!Thanks!


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