General information Blender version: 2.79

I am currently working on an animated 3D model that I will be using in a game being coded in Scenekit. I'm currently facing the issue where my exported 3D model turns out to be "broken".

Here is a picture of what the render should look like. render

This is what happens when I export it as a .dae .fbx or even .obj. As you're able to tell the cape surrounding the character is "broken". I'd like to know what I can do to resolve this problem or what I'm doing wrong. render

How I export the 3D render in Blender: file -> export -> .dae


To me it looks like the face normals are facing different ways. Game engines use backface culling to only draw one side of a polygon.

In edit mode select all A and use ⎈ CtrlN or ⎈ Ctrl⇧ ShiftN to set the normals to the same direction.

You may also want to look at not using backface culling so that both sides of the robe are visible in your game.


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