I want to add a plane or a box laying on top of the other box or boxes. Like tabletop resting on table legs.

In some of the cad or 3d modelling tools I can turn on vertices snapping, and add a box mesh by "drawing" a base rectangle and extruding it.

To replicate simmilar behaviour in Blender I use the following method:

  1. move 3d cursor to one of the faces
  2. add plane, edit it to remove all edges except one vertex
  3. extrude that vertex with snapping turned on to one of the other vertices, which I want to allign to
  4. extrude that edge, with vertex snapping to create a plane quad
  5. extrude quad to create box
  6. (optional) move origin

Is there a way to do that with less hassle? A plugin for instance to add objects by "dragging" them with snapping?


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