I want to create terrains in 1 km sq sections. I would like to be able to sculpt one section, then create another plane, for another section, transform it's location where two edges are basically in the same place, then have somehow have the new plane subdivide and the vertices match the edges that basically share the same X, Y or, X and Y alignments, in the Z axis. I would like to have those vertices locked matching, as I sculpt the rest of the terrain.

I don't know anyway to do any of this automatically, I think it will require a script. Having a way to do this will save hours of modeling time, having to snap the vertices into alignment, then fixing any accidental transforms as the terrains are sculpted. If I use a 2 meter section resolution, that is like 500 vertices per edge to snap. That is time I could be working on my sculpting of the terrains.


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