Was following CGBoost's tutorial on texture painting an apple until I got to a hiccup where when in any mode that isn't texture paint, my object ends up showing the seams that I marked earlier. I followed the unwrapping process pretty much all the way, but struggled a little with texture painting.

After a few tries, I liked the result but when I moved onto shading mode, the visible seams from earlier showed clearly from far away. From up close, they're not there at all. It didn't look like I missed any spots either.

I was told this might have something to do with fake users? But I didn't really understand how to fix it. I ended up deleting all the textures I made and started from scratch but it was still there.

With the knife and blade, however, I had 0 issues. It was just with the apple.

Any tips? I really wanna move forward with this tutorial.

visible blue seams from afar: https://i.imgur.com/fGIM3mE.png

up-close: enter image description here


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