I have created a simple race track using bezier curve, array and curve modifiers. A track is created from simple planes and the basic seamless asphalt texture looks quite good. enter image description here

As you can see a basic texture is repeated for a single segment to better match a track scale. I would like to add to the race track some variations, for example a normal map with cracks and transparent texture with tyre marks. I wonder how to achieve a realistic effect. I have two ideas:

  • prepare many different textures and load them randomly for a track segment
  • prepare a few bigger textures, generate somehow a second texture coordinates channel and apply bigger textures for a group of the segments

but maybe there is better way.

Finally I would like to export that race track (for example as wavefront obj file) and load in opengl graphics engine using assimp library.

How such texture variations are achieved in games ?


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