Maybe I missed it in the documentation or I'm just experiencing some strange bug, but I see there is a scene option in the node editor for Animation Nodes - is this supposed to be where the tree executes to or is it just polling that scene for information?

I tried to make a node tree for a different scene in my file to make a variant of what I was making out of the same nodes copying and pasting them, I even selected the new scene I made on the Node editor for that tree and it stays different from the other node trees. The problem I'm having is the tree that is meant for one scene is being run on both scenes in the file. Is that not what the scene option is for?

Is there a way to somehow separate the collection so I can hide one node output from one scene from the other? Should I just be making different files entirely if I want to experiment with variations of my node trees?

(I should note that i'm not making any really complicated animations or anything, I'm just prototyping UI things via animation nodes as I learn to work with it).

  • $\begingroup$ There is an option to select the scene in the T-panel or Tools panel in Animation Nodes editor. $\endgroup$ – 3DSinghVFX Nov 14 '19 at 12:51

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